What Our Clients Are Saying

"I worked on several policy and procedure collaborations with Synthesis. Synthesis had excellent insight, was able to state their opinions and recommendations calmly and professional in all discussions, listened to all input and made informed decisions. Synthesis is excellent at follow up. We created several excellent products."

"...Synthesis was hired by my company to help us transition into new management. ...they helped us move through these growing pains."

Describe a positive experience that you had working with Synthesis:

"The ability to translate a complex task and process into clear concise effective written policies and procedures."

"Synthesis is amazing! Such a great find. They are thorough, detail-oriented, responsive, focused, keeps to schedules and priced right. I highly recommend Synthesis for all sorts of projects. Reach out and I'll bet they can help you as they did me ... on short notice and on a weekend. They're a lifesaver and now a lifelong connection."